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HELP! My Brain Has Fallen And It Won’t Get Up!

OK y’all…I’ve got to admit, sitting down to write a blog post has been a booger to nail down.  In fact, I can’t say that I’ve come anywhere near nailing it. Here’s what’s going on and where I’m at.  My hope is that not only am I not an odd duck out on this but that somewhere, someone will have insight and inspiration to share.

Have you ever thought about how you think?  No this isn’t a trick question. It’s not some mental evaluation or a deeply insightful ideology either.  It’s just me getting real about what I often experience in my at home world.  Here’s an example of how my thought streams often take shape.

 Just today, it went something like……

“I need to get an At Home Woman blog post written and ready to post.  How can I possible add anything new, fresh, unexplored?  What hasn’t been covered by anyone or anywhere?  What could I expand on from another perspective?  All those fabulous woman’s life and homeschool bloggers I follow offer so much in the way of motivation and inspiring content.  I don’t have as much to offer because I don’t have as much experience in (fill in the blank).  I’ll troll the internet to see what jumps out at me.  When did that cobweb get there? *Achoo* I need to dust….and vacuum.  Gosh, is that a Cheerio under the couch?  Ewww….what is that hairy thing under the table?  Goodness gracious!  Miss Dottie sure does shed a lot for this time of year! I need to do some major cleaning and like….uhhh….YESTERDAY.  I really need to get more work on my new website done so my designer can do what she does.  WOOHOO! More thinking that has to be done! Uhhh….NOT!?!   Oh look at that a cute pic (insert friend’s name here) posted on Facebook!  Wow….She sure is looking good!  Oh, I wish I had known about that show earlier.  I bet it would have been a good one.  LOL! He’s more of a drama queen than most teen girls!  Dang it! I’ve been sucked into the Facebook Vortex!  I should clear all these notes and clutter off my ottoman.  Oh dear! I have so many files to transfer to this new laptop that the sweetest At Home Man ever born bought me for Valentine’s Day.  GEEZ!  Writer’s block sucks and blows all at the same time!  My idea bank is just completely empty.  Oh, I should reply to that tweet.  I need to get my bookwork done.  I really need to reformulate that product.  I want to get those new graphics and designs done soon.  I better check emails while I’m on here.  Oh, I really want to paint this room.  A nice green would be pretty!  That’s a good article.  Maybe there’s some potential there.  What should I make for supper?  Hey that looks like another really good article.  I’ll click the link to check it out.  “Honey, go check on Little Man.  He’s being awfully quiet.” What in the world can I write about this time?  Crap! This link is taking forever to load. Hit the stop and refresh buttons!  Yes!  That made it load right up. Oh, I need to go put sour cream on the grocery list. ”




UGH! I need an intervention….or a brain defragmenting!

Seem vaguely familiar to you?  Do you see the problem?  SCATTERED THINKING!  In every are of my life and on every level….and all at once it seems!  I have been going back and forth between professional and personal when I sit down or stand up to do anything these last few days.  That is just part of being an at home woman, right?

Seems like the more I have to do, the more my thinking gets scattered about and I lose focus. The more pressures I feel and tentacles there are pulling on me, the more it tends to happen.  Oh….I see you nodding your head over there.  It happens to you too, doesn’t it?  I thought so.  It’s not unusual when you think about it.  You have a busy life with responsibilities to attend to with home, family, business, school, extra-curricular activities and just  life in general.

Truth is we are inundated with information and responsibilities from all sides.  For me, the list just seems to grow and grow…like the blob creature from outer space. There’s articles to read, social media to do, local events to attend, lessons to prepare and teach, family situations to tend to, home life to live (laundry, cleaning, meals, finances, pets, etc.). There’s friends to engage with, company needs and entrepreneur tasks that need to to be dealt with (that list is just too long to even try to write here), ministry and church to focus on, local-national-world news to at least have an inkling about.  All this can make for BRAIN OVERLOAD, which often results in scattered thinking.  And it is not easy to deal with or overcome.  What to do about it, is the question.

Instead of giving out instructions and assignments in today’s article, I want you all to lend your expertise to this at home woman.  Oh….you thought I had some clever, insightful and meaningful words for you, huh?  LOL…remember….I’m experiencing brain overload and scattered thinking right now.

So tell us…At Home Woman.  How do you overcome scattered thinking?  What ways have you found to be effective when you need to refresh your brain?  Do you close out some open windows to decrease information downloads?  Do you step away and let time be on your side? Do you prioritize? Make lists or schedules?

Just what can you share that will help all of us with brain overload and scattered thinking?  The platform is yours.  Ready – GO!



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