Day 27 Of Being Intentionally Thankful – November 27, 2013

Today, I’m thankful for the joy on my son’s face and his infectious laughter as he has spent the entire evening watching The Peanuts Marathon on television.  


Peanuts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I introduced him to Charlie Brown. Snoopy and the Peanuts gang several years ago and he’s been hooked ever since.  Generally, unless there is a holiday themed episode on TV, we normally have to go to YouTube to watch these loveable characters.  Not tonight though. Tonight, ABC Family channel started showing full length Peanuts movies at 4pm, showing one right after another, until 11pm.  I can’t recall any network ever doing that!

Of course, being the push-over I am for that little face of my adorable (he looks like his dad) son, I gave in to his pleas to “watch every one of them all the way through”.   But so did his dad.  So there! LOL!  FYI – We’re on the last movie now.

I honestly hope this becomes a yearly thing that this network (or another) does because it will make for a wonderful new tradition to include in our Thanksgiving holiday.

Until next time….enjoy your at home world and be #IntentionallyThankful



About Ginger Moore

I'm a fun-loving Christian wife and homeschooling mom, the founder, CEO and owner of Neos Creations Skin Care, and the founder of At Home Woman, a community and ministry for women. I love what I do and I do what I love. Although passionate about many things, my greatest passions are my roles as a christian, a wife, a mother and an independent small business owner. You will get to know me as I unfold before you on these pages. Since I'm often told that I'm a talker, I do hope that comes out through my fingertips as I write about my industry on the Neos Creations blog and reveal myself, my life and the world as I see it on the At Home Woman blog.

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  1. I love those traditions! My children are 30 and 27, and when they are over Christmas Eve, we still watch the Christmas shows they watched as kids. Wonderful memories!

    • Isn’t it wonderful that we can share many of the same traditions that we enjoyed as children with our own children (and someday, our grandchildren) for a lifetime!!!

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