Day 11 Of Being Intentionally Thankful – November 11, 2013

Today, I’m thankful for laughter.  I don’t mean a simple smile or even an amused chuckle.  No.  I’m talking about the ROFLOL kind.  The hysterical, uncontrollable, until you cry, almost pee your pants, snort, spew beverage out your nose, make your belly hurts laughter.  The kind that makes you feel good and is contagious.  The kind that you share with family or friends and leaves you wanting more.  Yeah…that kinda of laughter.  



Laughter!  It really does do a body good like medicine.

So what is your intentionally thankful declaration today?

Until next time…..enjoy your at home world and be #IntentionallyThankful



About Ginger Moore

I'm a fun-loving Christian wife and homeschooling mom, the founder, CEO and owner of Neos Creations Skin Care, and the founder of At Home Woman, a community and ministry for women. I love what I do and I do what I love. Although passionate about many things, my greatest passions are my roles as a christian, a wife, a mother and an independent small business owner. You will get to know me as I unfold before you on these pages. Since I'm often told that I'm a talker, I do hope that comes out through my fingertips as I write about my industry on the Neos Creations blog and reveal myself, my life and the world as I see it on the At Home Woman blog.

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  1. I woke up today with a headache, and your blog put a smile on my face. Today I’m thankful for aspirin and the fact that the headache wasn’t that bad that I couldn’t smile. Maybe this afternoon there might be some of the ROFLOL kind, but if not, I smiled this morning.

    • 😀 ROFLOL…do it everyday for health and wealth! Smile for a burst of sunshine rays to brighten your day and hopefully someone elses. 🙂

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