Day 7 Of Being Intentionally Thankful – November 7, 2013

Today, I am thankful for technology and internet access specifically.  Our internet connection went out last night (there were multiple outages with our IP  for some reason) and it was not restored until later this morning.  *GASP*  

It made me realize just how much I rely on the world wide web for much of my necessary to-do’s.  Not only do I use it to run my small business (almost entirely) and for many homeschooling needs, I also use it to stay connected with friends and family, for news, for personal education and research and for many other things too numerous to list.  Like sharing part of my at home world with you through this blog, for instance.  For me, it really is a window to the world. Internet and technology is a vital and partially essential part of my daily life.

Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)

OK….I’ll admit that it is a bit of an entertainment venue too.  Seriously!  Have you ever people watched on social media?  HA! Beats the mall, doesn’t it?  Fact is, I AM old enough to remember the days without home computers, internet, cell phones, smart phones, satellite and cable TV and all the other “necessary luxuries” we have become accustom to and dependent on. Hey, I’m even old enough to remember the days before microwaves and dishwashers.  Don’t EVEN go there with the “old woman” thoughts! Point is, I remember the days when technology and internet was NOT around, when it was not so relied upon and our mentality was not so programmed to “need” it. 

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to rely so heavily on technology as a whole or in part but the fact is that for me and in the times we live in now, it is much appreciated and somewhat necessary.  Although, I will admit, this short (but it really seemed SOOOO long) outage was a nice break and I will be unplugging more often thanks to it.

So I guess I have two things to be thankful for today.  The convenience, capabilities and wonderful offerings of the internet and the fact that I have been reminded that I can live without it….for short seasons and spurts  anyways.  Both are necessary luxuries that I plan to enjoy!


What about you?  What has Day 7 reminded you to appreciate?

Until next time…..enjoy your at home world (and internet access *grin*)!
Remember….Be #IntentionallyThankful



P.S.  If you are enjoying these blog articles in my challenge to be intentionally thankful, please comment and share them.  I almost always reply to all comments. 


About Ginger Moore

I'm a fun-loving Christian wife and homeschooling mom, the founder, CEO and owner of Neos Creations Skin Care, and the founder of At Home Woman, a community and ministry for women. I love what I do and I do what I love. Although passionate about many things, my greatest passions are my roles as a christian, a wife, a mother and an independent small business owner. You will get to know me as I unfold before you on these pages. Since I'm often told that I'm a talker, I do hope that comes out through my fingertips as I write about my industry on the Neos Creations blog and reveal myself, my life and the world as I see it on the At Home Woman blog.

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  1. Today I am thankful for the rainbow that was in the sky for a short 10 minutes. We rarely get rainbows here on Long Island and I could see the whole arc. I decided to sit and watch until it faded away. Ten minutes to focus on a simple rainbow, and be grateful.

    • Ahhhh! I adore rainbows. To me, they symbolize the promises of God and the splendor of His word. I’m so glad you got to savor the one you saw today, my friend….even if for just a short 10 minutes.

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