Why I Don’t Give Up

(While in the process of cleaning up my business blog and transferring my more personal articles to this At Home Woman blog, I came upon this article that I originally wrote and posted in June of 2012.  This really does still hold true for me today and God, in all His wonderful perfect timing, knew I needed this reminder right now.  I wanted to share it with my readers here.  I hope some of you will find it encouraging. By the way, my son is now 7 years old and is still teaching me so very much every day. ~ Ginger Moore) 


(reposted from Neos Creations Skin Care)

There are moments, days even, when I get especially sentimental and deeply thankful for people and things in my life.  Sometimes I have to share it with others because….well….I just want to and I’ve found that it may just inspire someone.

I had one of those days last week, when I not only felt it, I had to share it.  I posted the following status update on my Facebook fan page and Twitter feed.  From the replies and comments that followed, I thought my readers here might like it.  You might even want to click on the social links here and join me for more.

(copied from the Neos Creations Skin Care Facebook page)


“My son will be 6 years old next week. WOW! Seems like I blinked and he went from teeny tiny little thing to an adventurous little person full of curiosity, observing everything and soaking up everything around him. For those who don’t know my story……


For 14 years, we prayed, waited and believed the promise that God gave us that He would give us this desire of our hearts.  When everyone around us was saying “It’s not gonna happen”, we ignored their negativity.  We knew it would. Then, much to the surprise of others but not really a surprise to us, I was pregnant and the promise became a reality. This little guy is an answered prayer and a blessing of promise. He’s my greatest gift and my greatest challenge.

Little did I know, he (my son) would teach me so much and God would use him to grow me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I look at him and am reminded of the possibilities and the promises. I’m reminded how faith can move mountains and how God’s timing is everything. I am reminded and assured of just how much God loves us.  And I’m so very thankful!

You wonder why I don’t give up and I stand firm, no matter what it is that comes my way?  This is why!” 


(the end of my post)


Now I am not going to try to make you think it was easy all those years. Lawdy mercy…NO!  Sometimes it was downright hard. My faith was not always unwavering and there were times that I almost gave up. ALMOST being the key word! When it seems like everything and everyone around you is in direct opposition to you and what you’re believing for, it’s hard not to just throw you hands up and say “I’m done!” But as much as I wanted to I didn’t. I couldn’t. I had to see it through until it manifested. And it did manifest! Not because of great or huge faith because it wasn’t. In fact, sometimes my faith was so small I had a hard time seeing it. It was because of persistent faith and being unwilling to give up.  And just look at what it got me!  It was worth every minute, hour and day of those 14 years.



Being a person who doesn’t give up easily is part of who I am.  I’m a warrior for what I believe in and am passionate about.  I truly believe if it takes doing the hard things to reach a goal or dream, the results are well worth it.  And you know what?  This same tenacity and passion goes into everything I do and every role I fill, whether it’s being a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a spiritual leader in ministry for Christ, a writer, etc.  Whatever the role is or the seat I’m sitting in, I’m fierce with it.  That’s just how I roll….even if the ground does get bumpy and I veer off target!  I’ve come way too far and overcome far too many things in my life to be any other way. 


I hope my story inspires you to believe, to stand, to not give up and to push until your deepest desires, dreams and destiny becomes a reality….no matter how big the mountain seems or how long it takes to move it.  Please share this post with someone who may need a little inspiration to keep going.  It may just be the Oomph they need at this very moment.


God bless y’all!



About Ginger Moore

I'm a fun-loving Christian wife and homeschooling mom, the founder, CEO and owner of Neos Creations Skin Care, and the founder of At Home Woman, a community and ministry for women. I love what I do and I do what I love. Although passionate about many things, my greatest passions are my roles as a christian, a wife, a mother and an independent small business owner. You will get to know me as I unfold before you on these pages. Since I'm often told that I'm a talker, I do hope that comes out through my fingertips as I write about my industry on the Neos Creations blog and reveal myself, my life and the world as I see it on the At Home Woman blog.

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