Re-Inventing the Meal – Week 2

Re-inventing the meal with a casserole
It’s a busy woman’s bliss

Last week, we talked about how to re-invent the meal using left-over beef roast or ground beef.  If you didn’t read it, please do. It will help you get better acquainted with  what re-invented meals are as well as how to plan and shop for them.

This week, I thought we would toss around re-invented meal ideas using leftover chicken or turkey (or any poultry protein).  It’s in plenty of time for you to plan for Thanksgiving leftovers, too. I’m going to hit these quickly since most everyone has favorite recipes they like for most of the meal idea dishes. If you need a boost to pull a meal all together, I recommend for a resource to find good recipes with lots of user interaction and reviews. You can search for any of the dishes I list here and get lots of recipes.  Or just email me and I’ll try to help you out.


Original MealRoasted, Baked, Grilled, Rotisserie, Boiled or Fried Chicken or Turkey (Remember  – cook at least twice as much as what you need to feed a family of 2-4 for this meal). What’s not eaten in this sitting will bcome a re-invented meal or two.  You can sub turkey or other poultry protein in any dish that calls for chicken and vise versa.

A hearty re-invented stew or casserole will satisfy any appetite

Re-Created Meal Ideas – Stand alone re-invented meals from your chicken or turkey

Chicken/Turkey Casserole

Cold Chicken/Turkey Sandwiches

Chicken/Turkey Cacciotori

Chicken/Turkey Tetrazzini

BBQ Chicken/Turkey Sandwiches

Chicken/Turkey Fajitas

Chicken/Turkey Quesadillas

Chicken/Turkey Enchiladas

Chicken/Turkey Wraps

Chicken/Turkey Tacos

Chicken/Turkey Nachos

Chicken/Turkey Pizza

Chicken/Turkey Spagetti

Chicken/Turkey Alfredo Pasta

Chicken/Turkey with Pasta (use favorite herbs, spices, garlic, butter, tomatoes/tomato paste to create a sauce)

Chicken/Turkey Spring Rolls

Chicken/Turkey Egg Rolls

Chicken/Turkey Stir Fry

Chicken/Turkey Stew

Chicken/Turkey & Vegetables in gravy

Chicken/Turkey and Dressing

Chicken/Turkey & Dumplings

Chicken/Turkey Ravioli

Chicken/Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Chicken/Turkey Loaf

Chicken/Turkey Lasagna

Chicken/Turkey Marsalas

Chicken/Turkey Capreze

White Chili

Chicken/Turkey with Rice (use herbs, spices, butter, etc. for flavor and to create a sauce)

Hobo Dinner – (chicken/turkey, onions, carrots, potatoes, veggies of choice and seasonings, wrapped in aluminum foil then baked in the oven until veggies are tender)

Re-Invented Meal Dish – Chicken & Mushrooms in a savory gravy

Re-invented Dishes – to serve with your favorite sides.  *Remember, Colorful Meals = Nourishing Meals.

Orange Chicken/Turkey

Lemon Chicken/Turkey

Cinnamon Chicken/Turkey

Herbed Chicken/Turkey

Ginger Chicken/Turkey

Glazed Chicken/Turkey

Smothered Chicken/Turkey

Sweet & Sour Chicken/Turkey

Chicken/Turkey Croquettes

Teriyaki Chicken/Turkey

OK, my thinker is thunk out of ideas. I know, I know! That’s bad grammer. Hey, don’t scold me.  I’m not sitting in my home educator seat right now. I’m in my homemaker chair. *wink*

As you can see, the possibilites are practically endless. You never have to prepare a boring or the same ole’ meal again.  With this re-invented meal using pre-cooked meat method, you’ll save time and headaches to get it on the table. You’ll save money if you purchase your meat or poultry in quantity when on sale or in bulk.  It’s WIN-WIN-YUM!


Quick Tip #1 – You can freeze your leftover protein in the freezer for later use or make up many of the meal ideas I’ve shared today and last week, ahead of time and freeze for in a rush meal nights.

Quick Tip #2 – If your original meal of chicken or poultry had the bone in, and you plan to store your protein in the refridgerator for several days before using, remove the meat from the bone before storing. This will save you time when preparing your re-invented meals and dishes and reduce the risk of spoilage and bacterial invasion.

Quick Tip #3 – Remove any stuffing from the bird before storing in the refridgerator or freezing. The moist, starchy stuffing is a hospitable breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.


I hope you found some useful re-invented meal ideas this week.  If you have any ideas to add….please share with us at the At Home Woman community.


Happy re-inventing the meal, y’all!

Get real and enjoy your at home world.

Ginger Moore



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